Chemical Storage Warehouse

Chemical Storage Warehouse in California

Metrix Logistics Group LLC provides chemical manufacturers and their customers with safe, compliant storage and transportation of chemical products in the USA.  We understand the operational and regulatory requirements for handling a full range of chemicals, including flammables, corrosives, oxidizers, gases, poisons and non-regulated material.

  • For a manufacturer of inks and colorants, Metrix Logistics Group LLC stores products in our chemical storage warehouse in Houston and fulfills all U.S. orders.
  • For a large manufacturer of pigments, paints and inks, we store both finished goods and raw materials in multiple rooms based on temperature and hazmat class.
  • For a gas manufacturer, we store pallets of Freon cylinders for shipment to auto dealers and auto repair shops in the Houston Area.

Advantages of Metrix Logistics Group for Hazardous Material Storage

  • Maintain compliant operations.  Metrix Logistics Group SOPs for chemical storage and handling map to stringent regulatory requirements, so you’re always “audit ready.”
  • Lower costs.  Share overhead costs with our many chemical customers.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.  Put inventory closer to your U.S. customers for fast delivery or same-day pick-up.

Why Use Metrix Logsitics Group for Hazardous Material Storage?

  • People experienced in chemical warehousing and handling.  We have a full-time compliance officer for environmental, health and safety, and an average staff tenure in our chemical warehouse of 14 years.
  • Dedicated facility for chemical logistics.  Our 300,000-square-foot hazardous material storage warehouse in Harris County has 3 different storage rooms to meet your exact requirements for temperature range, fire prevention, and security.  Storage capabilities include drums, totes, bags, cylinders, pails and cases.
  • Integrated solution for hazmat storage and shipping.  Metrix integrates chemical transportation and warehousing services to maintain the integrity of your products throughout the distribution cycle.  This single-source capability reduces handling, risk and overall costs.
  • Systems and processes.  Inventory is managed to your exact requirements, including batch and lot control.  Online inventory visibility is real-time and secure with automated management of min/max levels by SKU.